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Tourism Sector aid

Soon it will be published in the DOE some aid for the development of quality in the tourism sector by the DG Tourism. these aids, which they are a competitive, and they are subject to the law de minimis, They have a PPTO. of 4million euros and are cofinanced by 80% by […]

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Catalog companies and cybersecurity solutions

From GNUO Consultants we have conducted meetup, meetings with industry experts, interactuacones community of cybersecurity and a number of activities related to the world of cybersecurity. The amount of money companies lose when a ramsonware type virus encodes your files and stop access their accounts, […]

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Telegram vs. Whatsapp

The advantages Telegram, against its major competitor they are countless, both extras and quality of the same, but it fails to unseat WhatsApp has become a killer app in its sector. And it was a great success Whatsapp, be present first and further […]

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Save ink in GNU / Linux

Tod @ s know that manufacturers of ink cartridges laugh at us making us pay for cartridges that are not completely empty, alter the chips so that they do believe our PCa have to change them with new ones and continue with their lucrative business. To mitigate some of their fraudulent techniques, we go […]

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