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Tourism Sector aid

Soon it will be published in the DOE some aid for the development of quality in the tourism sector by the DG Tourism.
these aids, which they are a competitive, and they are subject to the law de minimis, They have a PPTO. of 4million euros and are cofinanced by 80% by FEDER
The maximum amount of each grant will be about 60,000 €, puediendose present several lines of support and not a single aid.

As for the type of aid you are focused on those actions that improve the quality of tourism secto, ie establecimients and must be formed, not worth for the start of activiadad and these actions must be directed to Sustainability, Increased quality, Disability improvement, etc.

Which it is what covers?
For among other things the Development and Improvement of ICT at Tourism sector.

What things then are covered in this type of aid?

  • Procurement of equipment and hardware for running the business
  • Application development for improvement and optimization of management
  • The implementation of POS for service
  • Web design and programming (with his version in a second language) for improving service contratcón
  • The implementation of management packages with customers and CRM or ERP resource type's
  • Digital media campaign: positioning advertising and Internet campaigns (facebook google…)

These grants are provided to the next level:

Farmhouses with 850.000 €
400.000€ For Spas
350.000€ tourist services Activities
850.000€ Restoration
500.00€ T.I.C.
1.050.000€ Hotels & extrahoteles

If you have questions or want to request yours, in the field of ICT, Get in contact with us: